On November 10, 2021 Biospring Partners announced that it would be joining Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) as an investor to back one of the “fastest growing therapeutic classes…represent[ing] the future of medicine over the next decade.”

Dr. Dipp will be speaking during this 2-day event that is bringing together founders, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, policymakers and more as they speak on the challenges and opportunities of bringing Tough Tech to the market. 

DeciBio’s Women in Consulting group has started an initiative to interview women in positions of leadership in the life sciences and healthcare industries. 

A 4 minute read on Proteomics: the study of proteins in a cell, tissue, or organism. This emerging sector of the life sciences is helping scientists gain a deeper understanding of molecular biology.

Immunome announced that Abzena was selected as Immunome’s partner research organization for IMM-BCP-01, an investigational therapeutic antibody cocktail for the treatment of COVID-19 being developed to target multiple SARS-CoV-2 antigens. 

A new $200 million fund from Accolade Partners will help invest in funds started by underrepresented groups including Biospring Partners. Learn why more capital is going to these funds that outperform the market.

Welp Magazine gives their top 100 women-led investment firms to follow. In their November, 2020 review, they list Longwood Fund and co-founder Michelle Dipp in their diversity spotlight.

The Women’s Foundation of Boston has announced the 2021 Board of Directors, including Michelle Dipp. The board shares a commitment women and girls in the Greater Boston area, offering them leadership access and opportunities.

“I am a longtime life sciences investor and care deeply about this area, because I know that the technologies we invest in today will shape what healthcare looks like tomorrow. “

“Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of my role models. She is so strong and poised. One of the things I admire most about her is the relationship she had with her late husband Marty- they were married 35 years.”

Life sciences and technology have converged and the resulting discoveries are redefining medicine as we know it. Artificial intelligence, software and synthetic biology are transforming everything from …

Drug discovery is getting a much-needed charge from a surprising source: artificial intelligence. Scientists are applying AI in new ways to guide and accelerate drug discovery, and this has life sciences investors on the edge of our seats.

Twenty years ago, a New York Times headline read: “Genetic Code of Human Life Is Cracked by Scientists.” The headline referred to the achievement of two lead scientists of the Human Genome Project, Francis S. Collins and John Craig Venter, that has since unlocked doors to better understanding genetics. It has been called an “instruction book” that defines humans.

The cash injection will allow Abzena to accelerate its worldwide growth plans.

Abzena is a global partnership research organisation providing integrated discovery, development and manufacturing of biologics and antibody drug conjugates.

Private-equity firm Biospring Partners struck its first deal since being founded earlier this year, backing U.K.-based drug developer Abzena Ltd. New York-based Biospring invested $10 million in the company and Michelle Dipp, the firm’s co-founder and managing partner, joined Abzena’s board of directors. 

Abzena, a leading global partnership research organization providing integrated discovery, development and manufacturing of biologics and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), has announced a $10M investment of growth capital from Biospring Partners, a New York based investment firm. 

Biospring Partners is pround to announce that they have appointed Drew Pearson as Head of Portfolio Management. The life science venture capital firm has added several industry leaders to its Advisory Board.

Newly launched Biospring Partners hopes to fill what it sees as a gap in the market by making growth investments in tools, services and software companies that can help biopharmas’ R&D become more efficient.